Early this morning, a high-speed crash in San Diego led to the arrest of the driver who was suspected of driving drunk, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The accident, which occurred a little before 2:00 a.m. on April 26, 2012, resulted when the driver, who was traveling north on Interstate 15, lost control of his vehicle as he attempted to exit the freeway at Aero Drive.

Car accident between a Chevrolet Lumina and a ...
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According to the Union-Tribune’s story, CHP Officer Jesse Udovich said the driver passed a California Highway Patrol vehicle. Udovich said the officer estimated the driver was doing 100 miles per hour.

After passing the patrol vehicle, the car immediately took an exit off the freeway. While trying to make the turn, Udovich said, the driver lost control of the car and it rolled over, and smashed into SDG&E utility boxes on the opposite side of the intersection.

The wrecked car came to rest on its roof. The front of the car was crushed by the accident and the air bags had opened. Neither the driver nor the passenger was hurt, according to The Union-Tribune’s story.

Signal lights at the intersection where the crash occurred were affected, and back-up batteries were powering them.

The Union-Tribune reports that a Caltrans worker, who was at the scene, said the car seemed to be brand new, with paper license plates.

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