A girl trapped underneath a car at Sacramento high school was extricated immediately after a group of high school baseball players lifted the car and pulled her out. They are being applauded at their school for their quick thinking that saved the teen’s life.

Tuesday evening at south Sacramento Valley High School the girl was trapped beneath a car. Witnesses said a woman accidentally slammed her vehicle into a car in front of her, panicked then shifted the car in reverse. While backing up her daughter who was outside got stuck under the car.

Approximately a dozen baseball players heard the cries while at practice at a nearby field. They dropped their balls, bats and gloves and rushed to help the trapped student. Varsity and junior varsity members of the Valley baseball squad worked together to lift the car up while Valley coach James Millholland pulled the trapped girl out from under the car.

“We all just ran out there as a team,” varsity coach James Millholland told reporters. “No one was saying much, and then the guys got around the car and just lifted it up. There was very little talking.”

Authorities said the rescued student, a teenage girl at Laguna High, was rushed to the hospital. Although she went through a scary accident, her injuries were not serious.

“It took 7 to 10 people,” Valley high junior Glenmil Biete told reporters. “We all ran over, carried the car. Then we had one person pull her out.”

Valley High School’s principal applauded the high school baseball players for their heroic actions and quick thinking.

“I think we did a good job. It kind of bothered me throughout school today,” Valley high sophomore Jack Danho told reporters. “It was still in my head. I was traumatized, but our quick thinking saved her life.”

Most of the baseball players are looking forward to meeting the young teen they helped rescue but her identity is confidential information and hasn’t been released.

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