The average cost of a gallon of gasoline hit an important landmark Thursday in Orange County, giving hope for further decreases in the coming months.

According to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report from AAA, the average cost of gasoline hit $4 per gallon, 13 cents lower than the week before, and the lowest level in months.

The $4 average was a 36 cent decrease from the average from a month before, though still 8 cents higher than the same time last year.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for, a website that allows uses to track gas prices throughout the country, the average cost could continue to drop as low as $3.75 in the upcoming summer months. Welcome news for travelers looking to hit the road in the weeks ahead.

One of the major reasons behind the drop in price comes from the restart of BP’s refinery off the coast of Washington, which had been offline since February for maintenance and repairs.

It was a scheduled shut down, as the period before the summer months typically sees the least demand for gas, relative to the high usage throughout the rest of the year. However, a dramatic increase in price and demand left the West Coast hurting for oil during those offline months.

The least expensive gas in Orange County comes from a Costco station at 910 South Harbor Boulevard near Knepp Avenue in Fullerton which, as of Thursday morning, came in at $3.69, according to a local site that indexes prices at stations throughout the county.

The most expensive price comes from the San Clemente Car Wash station at 1713 North El Camino Real and Avenida Pico in San Clemente, which listed a gallon at $4.55.

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