The number of suspected drunk driving arrests made throughout San Diego County on the nation’s Independence Day holiday has dropped significantly, compared to the year before.

California Highway Patrol Officers arrested a total of 16 suspected drunken drivers by Wednesday morning, which is far fewer than the 35 from 2011.

Along with the fewer arrests, there were also no fatalities reported as a result of any holiday festivities. There was one confirmed accident fatality from last year.

This downward trend in alcohol related arrests was echoed throughout the rest of California as well. CHP officers made a total of 220 arrests of suspected drunk drivers, less than half of the previous year’s 443 overall arrests.

The only increase over 2011 numbers were the number of fatalities from holiday accidents, where two people were killed in vehicular accidents, compared to just the one from San Diego County in 2011.

The drop in incidents comes as a major relief for California’s law enforcement agencies, who were strapping down for the worst in preparation for the national holiday. Extra police were deployed throughout the state and sobriety checkpoints were put in place.

The results showed that police efforts were effective both in dissuading potential drunk drivers from taking to the streets and stopping those who did from doing dangerous or fatal damage.

National Holiday’s like the Fourth of July can quickly become dangerous, as they promote excited celebrations, mass gatherings of people, and street closures to accommodate for these big groups.

These kinds of crowded and rambunctious situations have the potential to cause harm if someone is foolish enough to get behind the wheel of their automobile after celebrating a little bit too much.

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