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Four deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were injured when their cruiser lost control and crashed into a telephone pole early Friday morning in Pico Rivera.

According to Sergeant Steve Dodson of the county sheriff’s department, the accident occurred at about 12:50 a.m. in the 5700 block of Passons Boulevard, just north of Mines Avenue, as a police cruiser, filled to capacity with sheriff’s deputies, was rushing to the 9500 block of Underwood Street to aid another deputy engaged in a physical altercation.

In most cases, says Dodson, four deputies do not ride together in a single vehicle, but at least of them may have been off duty or on a shift change, and in the commotion following the call for assistance, the four simply jumped into “the first available vehicle.”

As the cruiser raced down Passons Boulevard with its lights flashing and sirens sounding, it was forced to swerve suddenly to avoid an oncoming vehicle, causing the cruiser to lose control and smash into a telephone pole.

The two deputies in the back of the vehicle suffered serious injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals where they are listed in stable condition. A female deputy sustained a significant leg injury, and a man suffered damages to his arm. The driver and front seat passenger of the cruiser suffered various cuts and bruises, but were quickly released from the hospital after a precautionary evaluation.

Following the accident, the immediate area surrounding the crash site was closed down to allow for cleanup, as debris and shattered glass had been strewn across active lanes. The officer involved in the altercation sparking the ordeal meanwhile was able to subdue the suspect he was fighting without suffering injury. The unidentified suspect was arrested on vehicle theft, drug possession, battery on an officer and an outstanding warrant.

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