Authorities identified the driver of an alleged accident that killed two people in an Orange County freeway as the former CEO of Orange County. The highway wreck is currently being investigated and no arrests have been made.

Thomas G. Mauk, was allegedly driving a Cadillac Escalade on the 57 Freeway in Diamond Bar on the day that it smashed against a stalled Toyota Prius that managed to kill two people and one of two canines that were riding with along.

Reportedly, the accident happed at around 9:09 p.m. Sunday, per the California Highway Patrol. Mauk and his wife were riding in the Escalade and were moving at a speed of around 60 miles per hour when they slammed into the parked Prius north of Pathfinder Road.

Anubhai U. Patel of Anaheim, a 67-year-old, and his wife, 68-year-old Shardaben Patel were the people killed in the crash. Only one of their two dogs in the vehicle survived the high-speed highway collision.

Mauk and his wife suffered minor injuries, however.

CHP is investigating the accident and has not made any arrests as of yet. Explanations or further details regarding the accident have not been released to the public.

It was last July when Mauk agreed to abdicate his post. He came to this decision after allegedly much pressure to quit after sex charges were filed against then Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante, while he headed the county Department of Public Works. Originally, Bustamante had been arrested by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and charged him with allegedly committing twelve sex crimes while holding his county job from 2003 to 2011.

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