A man died in a Livermore car accident when a metal pipe flew off from an unidentified area on the highway, went through his window and struck him. Authorities are still unsure about where the pipe was launched.

Officers responded to the crash that happened on the I-580 near Grant Line road sometime after 8 a.m. When they got there, they found a Volvo XC70 station wagon in the median with a metal pipe sticking from its windshield and a dead man inside.

They identified the deceased man as 33-year-old Michael Cox.

While Cox was heading west on I-580, a metal pipe flew from an unknown location and struck him after it went through the windshield of his 2003 white Volvo.

After the pipe struck him, he lost control of his vehicle. It veered left towards the center divider, crossed through the center divider, the vehicle then went up an embankment and stopped.

California Highway Patrol Officer Tyler Hahn told reporters that when the first officer arrived to the scene, the vehicle’s engine was still running. He described the metal pipe as being approximately two feet in length and two inches in diameter. He said that so far, it was unclear as to where it was launched.

“No witnesses saw it bouncing down the road, nobody’s called in to say that they lost anything of this sort,” he told reporters.

Hahn said the pipe seems as the type is the kind that is used to help secure loads on large trucks. It may have loosen midway on the highway then launched off the truck.

He called the case “completely a freak accident” and for the driver he said “literally is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

There was no one else in the vehicle at the time of the accident and no other injuries were reported. The case is still being investigated by detectives.

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