Five young children were injured as a wayward car slammed into the side of a school bus Thursday afternoon in Gardena.

According to Los Angeles County fire officials, the bus was traveling down 157th Street near South Main Street at 3:14 p.m. when a Mitsubishi Eclipse made a left turn onto the road and crashed into it.

The collision sent the bus spinning into the side of a building along the side of the intersection at Main Street, turning the front end of the bus into a blackened mess of debris, and the wall into a pile of rubble.

Five children were hurt in the accident, though none seriously. They were treated on scene by responding paramedics; no hospital visits were needed.

The rest of the children on board, along with the bus driver and the driver of the car were not injured. The bus was transporting a group of children home from school for the day at the time of the accident.

Police responding to the scene reported that the driver, a 30 year old female, had the smell of alcohol on her at the scene. She was taken into custody for testing and later booked into a local jail.

Authorities closed down multiple lanes of 157th street to clean up the mangled bus and bits of wall that had spilled onto the road.

An investigation into the accident is still ongoing to determine if anything else was in play in the accident other than the lapse in judgment by the alcohol-limited driver of the Mitsubishi. The woman is likely to be charged with a DUI and brought to court within the next several days.

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