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For her eighteenth birthday Kayla Lizama-Pierson celebrated with the people she loved the most. She had her family and friends over on Saturday and even had a spontaneous cake fight in her parent’s kitchen. During the morning Kayla and her birthday sleepover guests took a trip to the movies to catch the new Twilight movie, which they followed with a birthday lunch; everyone was having a great time. That night however, events took a sour turn when she was involved in a Yuba City car crash that cost her life.

Natalie Boutilier was driving Kayla to meet a friend south of Yuba City but north to Sacramento via the Garden Highway when her Honda Civic veered off the road uncontrollably and struck a tree.

Summer Taylor, a family friend, told the AppealDemocrat that Natalie was able to escape the crash uninjured. Kayla, however, was transported to Rideout Regional Medical Center at around midnight and was pronounced dead.

“They were going out to visit friends,” Taylor said. “They just lost control.”

California Highway Patrol did not disclose any information regarding the wreck on Sunday; but according to Taylor, two friends that were following behind the Civic witnessed the accident and immediately contacted emergency authorities. A dispatcher confirmed the crash on Highway 99, but preferred to remain anonymous.

“Both families are very distraught,” Kayla’s mother, Angie Lizama-Pierson, told the publication on Sunday. “It’s just a tragedy.”

Kayla was only months away from graduating from River Valley High School. Schoolmates referred to her as someone that always had a smile on her face that was contagious.  Her choir teacher Dave Harris enjoyed being around the distinguishable teen. “She had a very big laugh,” he said. “I remember hearing her from all the way across the quad and thinking, ‘Oh. There’s Kayla.'”

“One thing you should know was her family was the most important thing in her life,” Sierra Rodriguez, a friend of Kayla said. “She loved hanging with her friends and taking pictures, putting smiles on people’s faces, dancing, and just having a good time.” Rodriguez had been with her the day they watched Twilight.

Kayla was known for being proactive. She was taking classes at Yuba College in addition to her high school courses and had been recently hired to work at a Yuba Sutter Mall clothing store that caters to teen aged people.

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