A family that lost four relatives in a recent accident with a semi-truck is asking for donations to help cover funeral expenses and child support in the San Fernando Valley.

The family has already raised a total of $4,000 through car wash fundraisers and another $3,000 from online donations, but they are in need of more support to help out the teenaged son who was left behind by his mother and father, along with two others, who were killed in a crash earlier this month.

The accident took place on September 2nd, where 56 year old Juan Jesus Alaca, 42 year old Anna Ceballos, 58 year old Rosa Morales, and 65 year old Maria Ramirez were their white Cadillac was struck by a semi-truck at the intersection of Avenue A and 90th Street West near Edwards Air Force Base.

An investigation into the accident revealed that the driver of the vehicle, Juan Alaca, blew through a stop sign at which time they were hit directly from the side by the fast approaching truck.

Despite everyone on board wearing a seatbelt, all four died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the impact.

“The only breadmaker was Juan,” said Eliza Cortez, a relative of the family. “My aunt [Morales], she did a lot of her own work at home and stuff; she was very creative. She was the trunk of our family tree. She held everyone together – friends, family, she would figure it out.”

A total of 25 family members, 15 from Mexico and 10 from San Diego, made the trip up to Los Angeles for the funeral of two of the victims, Ceballos and Morales. The remaining two have yet to have a proper funeral service. Alaca’s family would like his ashes sent to his home country of Peru, but are unable to do so without further financial aid.

A website has been set up for anyone who would like to donate to the family’s cause.

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