The results of an investigation into a tragic bicycle accident that killed a young girl almost two months ago in Novato revealed that the cause was her failure to yield to oncoming traffic.

The accident, which took place on September 27th, occurred as 12 year old Hailey Ratliff rode her bicycle into active lanes of Novato Boulevard near San Marin Drive without yielding to a fast approaching SUV, which crashed into her.

She was taken to Novato Community hospital in critical condition, and then flown to Children’s Hospital in Oakland where she was later pronounced dead as a result of her injuries. The driver of the SUV, a large white GMC Enclave, was unhurt.

Hailey was a student at Sinaloa Middle School and had just moved into the area with her family.

An in-depth investigation that included witness interviews, skid mark analyses, toxicology tests, and accident reconstructions was immediately launched to determine the cause of the crash, with its conclusion stating that “the bicyclist entered a roadway without yielding the right of way to an approaching vehicle”. The report was then forwarded to a local district attorney for review.

“Few things are as heartbreaking as the loss of a child,” said Novato police Chief Jim Berg in a statement released on Tuesday. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time… Accidents such as this reaffirm the city’s ongoing commitment to help make out community safer for everyone.”

“We at the city are saddened by the loss of anyone as a result of a traffic accident,” added Berg. “This tragic event is a reminder to all that traffic safety is a shared responsibility among motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.”

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