A 70 year old man was fortunate to escape serious injury after inadvertently accelerating and crashing into two buildings and coming to rest hanging over a stairwell Wednesday morning at Kearny Medical Center in San Diego.

According to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, the ordeal took place at around 9:45 a.m. in the 7900 block of Frost Street in front of the medical center complex where the elderly man was trying to get a parking voucher at a ticket booth when his maroon colored Toyota Camera began to roll.

The man then became disoriented because of the rolling and inadvertently stepped onto the accelerator, sending the sedan screaming “like a rocket” through the gate’s arm, up over a curb, through a metal guardrail, and into the complex buildings themselves, said SDFRD spokesman Maurice Luque.

Judy Taylor, who was on her way to the facility for a medical appointment, was narrowly missed by the out of control vehicle. “He just flew straight through non-stop and hit,” she said. “Once he hit, he tried to get out of the car so I went behind him and told him to look at me in the mirror… kept him focused, kept him in the car because he was trying to get out.”

Stunned though conscious, the elderly man was attempting to exit his vehicle, not fully understanding that it had come to rest hanging over a set of concrete stairs, wedged between a parking garage and the building he had just collided with.

Emergency crews responding to the scene were able to keep the man in his car while they secured the vehicle in place to allow for a rescue team to pull him to safety. The whole process took almost 20 minutes. Though unhurt, the man was then taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital for an evaluation. He was released shortly thereafter, picked up by his daughter.

The man was lucky to have escaped serious injury in the crash, and also to have avoided hitting another driver, such as Judy Taylor. An out of control accident such as this has the potential to inflict serious injuries on those involved, sending victims into a lengthy battle for recovery.

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