A woman on trial for killing a young daughter and seriously injuring her mother and sister in a drunken hit and run accident pleaded not guilty to her charges in court Thursday.

33 year old Jessicah Louise Cowan of Lake Hughes is being charged for an accident she caused on June 23, when she drove her car into a family crossing the street in a legally sanctioned crosswalk at the intersection of 17th and Spurgeon streets, and then attempting to flee the scene.

An investigation into the accident showed that the family was walking the on a green light, with the walk sign while holding hands when the collision took place.

The accident killed young Osmara Meza, and sent her 6 year old sister and mother, 45 year old Elosia Magana to the hospital with serious injuries. The young girl was finally released this past week, though the mother still remains.

Cowan stands accused of running through a red light and striking the family crossing the street, and then attempting to flee the scene. She is facing several felony charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury.

Having issued her not-guilty plea, she now faces a pretrial hearing on September 12th and a trail set to begin shortly thereafter. She is currently being held in prison on bail for $1 million dollars.

Drunk driver is never worth the risk. Getting behind the wheel after getting underneath an open bottle not only puts your own life in danger, but also everyone around you.

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