A man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after losing control of his vehicle and sliding down an embankment, nearly into the bedroom of a home last week in Spring Valley.

According to local police reports, the crash took place at approximately 2 a.m. on October 9 in the 3400 block of Scenic Terrace Road, where witnesses watched a Ford Explorer SUV stall and roll in reverse down a hill, crashing through thick bushes before coming to stop near the home of Mark Schenck.

“We were sleeping in bed and my wife suddenly woke up and the next thing you’d know there are taillights through the window,” he said.

A woman passenger inside the SUV attempted to flee after the vehicle came to a stop, but Schenck’s young daughter gave chase and prevented her from escaping. “The other person tried to run and my daughter took off after her. My daughter is eleven.” The woman and her pint-sized pursuer were found a block from the house and returned to the scene.

Police then arrived to find the SUV’s driver still sitting in the driver’s seat, intoxicated. After a brief argument with officers, he was apprehended on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

When speaking with reporters at the scene, Schenck said that he has been worried about precisely this kind of accident for some time. “This is what we were worried about the whole time because our bed is right next to the street.” He added that he has been asking the city to install a barrier on the street to prevent a vehicle from crashing into his bedroom, but to date his request has not been granted.

With an SUV parked only feet away from his bedroom however, Mark is hopeful that a barrier will now finally be installed. At this time there is no word on what caused the vehicle to stall. Investigators were sent to the scene to inspect the vehicle, which was pulled back onto the road by a tow truck.

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