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A driver accused of killing two in a highway accident while under the influence of alcohol in June of last year has been ordered to stand trial by a San Diego judge earlier this week.

31 year old Sunny Hall is facing charges of DUI causing death and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated for her role in an accident that took place on June 11, 2012 on Interstate 8 which killed a 59 year old Good Samaritan and 25 year old woman only days away from her college graduation.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash took place just before 3 a.m. after 25 year old Angela August lost control of her car, a Toyota Yaris, for unknown reasons and crashed onto a roadside embankment, rolling multiple times before coming to rest back in the left hand lane of the freeway. A short time later, 59 year old Jimmy Arevalo pulled his pickup truck in front of August’s overturned car to offer aid. As Arevalo was notifying the CHP of the accident, Hall crashed into August’s Yaris and Arevalo at highway speeds.

Both August and Arevalo were pronounced dead at the scene. At the time of the accident, Hall’s blood alcohol level was measured at .15 percent, almost twice the legal limit.

CHP Officer Michael Edwards, who responded to the accident, reported in court that Hall refused to cooperate at the scene. “[She was] very excited, appeared combative with the paramedics. They were telling her to calm down, I was telling her to calm down.” Edwards also said she would not take a sobriety test, though there were indications that she was intoxicated. “I could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage while she was in the back of the ambulance away from the other vehicles.”

This is far from Hall’s first criminal accusation, as she has a number of previous charges filed against her, including drug possession and driving with a suspended or revoked license. If convicted, Hall could face up to 14 years in prison.

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