A driver suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol was arrested after crashing into two police cars while being pursued by other officers late Sunday evening in Carlsbad.

According to local police reports, the ordeal was initiated at around 4:15 p.m. in the vicinity of Canon Road and Avenida Encinas, where witnesses notified police of 21 year old Dylan Jesse Brown driving recklessly. Officers were able to track Brown down in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 where they attempted to pull him over, but he refused, launching an official pursuit.

The crash took police off the highway and onto surface streets, where Brown intentionally crashed into two police cruisers in the 600 block of La Costa Avenue, bringing the pursuit to a close, as his vehicle was no longer fit for chasing. No officers were hurt in either collision.

Brown was quickly apprehended and booked into the Vista jail in Carlsbad on suspicion of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, felony vehicle evasion, driving under the influence and possession of drugs. According to jail records, his arraignment could come as early as Tuesday afternoon. If convicted, Brown could face a substantial fine along with jail time.

Brown is fortunate that his antics did not inflict serious injuries to the officers whose vehicles he struck, or to other drivers on the road around him during the pursuit. Under the influence, your reaction times are inhibited, as is your ability to make correct decisions quickly, making an accident a dangerous possibility.

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