A driver suspected of driving under the influence was arrested after causing damage to a number of parked cars in a residential neighborhood late Thursday night in Studio City.

According to local police, the endless series of vehicular damage started along the 12200 block of Hillslope Street at about 1 a.m. and continued onto several others.

Witnesses reported that a Chrysler 300 sedan was continuously scrapping against a number of parked cars on the street and making no attempts to stop.

Thanks to the trail of scrapes and dents left by the vehicle, police were able to follow the full path that the drunken driver took, which went through Laurel Terrace Drive, Vantage Avenue and Laurelgrove Avenue.

The car responsible for the carnage was eventually discovered parked facing in the wrong direction on Hillslope Street, covered in dings, scratches, and paint from a number of other cars. After an hour-long search through the area, the driver was found inside a home across the street from the car.

Upon being found, the man was taken into police custody. He is to be charged with driving under the influence and may also face as many as three counts of misdemeanor hit and run.

Driving under the influence impairs your ability to make appropriate adjustments while behind the wheel. It may seem like a harmless trip to Taco Bell, but such a trip can easily turn into a mess of damaged vehicles as you unknowingly crash into dozens of cars on your way home.

Driving drunk is never worth the risk. This driver is lucky to have escaped injury, or an accident that could have taken the life of another motorist, or himself. If you have consumed alcohol, avoid your vehicle at all costs.

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