Police are on the lookout for a driver who struck and seriously injured a woman attempting to help victims of an accident on Highway 78 Monday evening in Vista.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the chaos began at about 11:30 p.m., where a mattress in the eastbound lanes just west of Vista Village Drive caused multiple accidents.

The first involved a 36 year old woman from Oceanside, who swerved her Nissan Altima sedan to avoid the mattress and struck the center divider of the highway. A few minutes later a 30 year old Encinitas man in a pickup truck drove over the mattress, causing the vehicle to spin out of control, strike the already damaged Nissan Altima, and roll onto its side.

A woman who presumably saw or heard the accidents ran out onto the highway to help the two downed drivers. After checking on the woman in the Altima, she tried to make her way back across lanes, where she was struck in the slow lane by a dark sedan which made no attempt to stop after the collision.

The woman was quickly transported to nearby Palomar Medical Center for treatment of major injuries. The driver from the Altima was also taken to Tri-City Medical Center with moderate injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was not hurt.

After this string of accidents, another collision took place as a result of drivers attempting to avoid the wreckage of the previous two, though only one person from that three-car crash suffered any damages, and they were minor.

After all four incidents, police were finally able to bring traffic to a stop to remove the mattress from active lanes and allow for crews to clean up the debris from each of the accident. Investigators also looked over the site for any indicators that may help lead to the arrest of the man who struck the Good Samaritan woman.

Police are asking anyone with information or who may have seen the accident to call the CHP as soon as possible to help in the investigation.

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