A woman driver was killed after losing control of her vehicle and swerving into oncoming lanes during a road rage outburst late Wednesday night in Sacramento.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the 19 year old woman was first seen yelling at a neighboring BMW at a stoplight at the intersection of Auburn Boulevard and Garfield Avenue for unknown reasons.

Witnesses then said that after the light turned green the woman moved in front of the German automobile and began breaking erratically and cutting off its attempts to pass by. During these attempts to keep the BMW from passing, the driver lost control of her vehicle and her emotions.

Said CHP officer Lizz Dutton, “At one point, [the BMW was] able to pass her using the two-way turn lane. When they passed by her car, she lost control of her car and then counter-steered and then basically just lost control and traveled into the westbound lanes of Auburn Boulevard and was struck by a Mercedes.”

The rage-filled driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision by responding paramedics. The 23 year old driver and her 4 year old son in the Mercedes suffered minor injuries, and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and further evaluation.

The harassed BMW did not stop after the accident, and police investigators are trying to get in contact with the driver to uncover what caused the woman to be so angry. At this time there is little information about the circumstances that led to the fatal collision.

Accidents like these continue to display the importance of controlling your emotions while behind the wheel of an automobile. Even in situations where another driver has performed a rude or illegal maneuver, attempting to cut them off of yell at them does nothing but introduce the threat of danger to you and those around you.

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