One man was found dead in a crash that sent his car tumbling almost 200 down from the 5 Freeway over the weekend in San Diego.

Very little is known about the particulars of the crash, says the California Highway Patrol, though the crash likely took place on Sunday, when San Diego Fire-Rescue Department crews were alerted to a crash in the northbound lanes of the freeway near Del Mar Heights Road.

The vehicle was eventually found off the side of the highway, as many as 200 feet below. Debris from the vehicle was scattered across much of the hillside, and it finally came to rest on its roof, complete with massive damage on all sides.

At this time it is not clear what influenced the vehicle to veer off the road and down the hill, or how fast the vehicle may have been traveling at the time of the accident.

The driver found dead inside the vehicle was identified as a Hispanic man in his mid-30s. His identity has not yet been released, as the county coroner’s office is still working to notify the man’s next of kin. No one else was injured in the crash.

San Diego Police have launched a more thorough investigation into the crash to gain a better understanding of what may have sent the vehicle off the road. It is not clear if another vehicle forced it off the road, or if the influence of drugs or alcohol was involved.

The location of the accident itself is posing a challenge for investigators, as the steep slope is presenting a major obstacle in examining the sight. “It is a steep incline to get up and down, “said CHP Sergeant Armando Casas. “It is pretty dangerous and steep, somebody could fall.”

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