A woman was arrested on Interstate 15 Monday after drunkenly trying to perform a U-turn through the highway’s concrete center divider in Temecula.

The woman, 53 year old Marlies L. Peterson of San Marcos, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and booked into the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley after her erratic driving was reported to the California Highway Patrol by witnesses on the highway.

At one point in her wild ride, she came to a stop in the center median just north of Temecula Parkway at around 2 p.m., where she attempted to make a left hand turn, slowly driving into the concrete median separating the north and south lanes.

After failing to pass through the barrier, she reportedly backed her truck up and crashed into the median a second time, getting her vehicle stuck in the dirt in the process. She then tried to free her vehicle from the dirt by accelerating rapidly to no avail.

A witness to this wild scene, Dave Iverson, had been following after Peterson’s truck, fearing she would cause a major accident. He pulled off into the median alongside her and convinced her to stop the truck and hand over the keys in an effort to prevent her from backing into oncoming traffic.

Local police arrived on the scene a short time later and found the woman so heavily intoxicated that she had a difficult time standing and walking on her own. She reportedly told officers that she thought she was heading towards Valley Center in northern San Diego County.

Peterson and the rest of the motorists on Interstate 15 are fortunate that her wildly intoxicated actions did not result in a serious accident. Drunken and out of control driving like this can easy create dangerous situations that can inflict major damages and even death on those involved.

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