A woman suspected of driving under the influence was arrested after crashing into a parked car and fleeing the scene in the wrong direction early Thursday morning in La Mesa.

According to San Diego police, the intoxicated woman started her troubling drive at around 3:30 a.m. on the 4200 block of 69th Street, where she crashed into parked Jeep SUV and drove away from the sight of the accident.

Officers then spotted the woman’s wrecked car driving down the wrong side of the road on University Avenue and attempted to pull her over. Instead of stopping however, she led police on a chase that lasted about a mile before she eventually came to a stop.

Upon being apprehend by officers, the woman explained that she was feeling dizzy and had pains in her chest. She was then administered a field sobriety test which she promptly failed.

From there she was taken into custody, where she will be facing multiple charges for driving under the influence, hit and run, and reckless driving for traveling on the wrong side of the road. Prescription medications were located inside the woman’s vehicle as well.

Fortunately the parked Jeep was empty when it was hit, and no other damage was done with the woman drove down the wrong end of the street. Aside from the complaints of dizziness and chest pains, the woman did not suffer any injuries from the crash itself.

This intoxicated driver is lucky to have escape so unscathed, and that no others were injured in the ordeal, as driving drunk down the wrong side of the road could have easily ended in a serious or fatal car accident.

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