Two unrelated safety issues have led to recalls for the same vehicle: Hyundai’s Veloster hatchback.

Announced through the National Highway Traffic Administration, the recalls will cover more than 20,000 vehicles from the 2012 model year.

The first recall covers the hatchback’s faulty sunroof assembly, an issue first discovered in October. Glass panels fitted into the panoramic sunroof were found to be weakened during the installation process, leading to the possibility of the glass breaking spontaneously when the vehicle is in motion, raining shattered bits onto occupants inside.

The second issue comes from the parking brake found on more than 4,500 manual transmission models. These parking brakes have the potential to gather moisture and debris from the road, causing brake components to bind and not fully engage. Without being able to fully engage the parking brake in a manual transmission vehicle, it becomes impossible to hold it in place on an level of included surface.

Hyundai will begin notifying owners of the recalls beginning in January. Owners will be able to take affected vehicles to any participating dealership for a free fix of the issue. The sunroof and parking brake will be thoroughly inspected, and if a replacement is deemed necessarily, parts will be swapped at no charge for owners.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the recalls is encouraged to call Hyundai’s customer service hotline, or the NHTSA’s vehicle recall hotline for more information.

As an owner of a vehicle affected by a recall, it is important to respond quickly to mend the potential issues. Driving with a known defect does nothing but expose you to the constant threat of danger. Even issues unrelated to the normal operation of a vehicle, like a shattering sunroof, have the chance to cause a damaging accident.

For those who have been injured in an accident as a result of a defective vehicle component that has yet to be involved in a recall, you should take legal action. With the help of an experienced car accident lawyer, compensation can be recovered to help mend the damages that have been sustained.

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