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O.C. doctors are evaluating the suspect in a hit-and run case to see if mentally competent to stand trial.

The man stands accused of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after he hit a 2-year-old boy in Santa Ana.

Supposedly, the man drank four buckets of beer at a nearby Mexican restaurant and then drove off with his friend in his 1998 Toyota 4-Runner. While driving on Bewley Street near Fifth Street, he failed to yield for a family of pedestrians that were crossing the road. Among the pedestrians was the mother carrying her one year old daughter and a two year old boy, who was holding his mother’s hand.

Witnesses said that the driver ran a stop sign and hit the mother and her children. The boy was pulled under the vehicle upon impact and the mother and the daughter flew onto the hood of the car. The boy was taken to the hospital, but died en route from severe head trauma. The mother suffered a few scrapes and bruises and the daughter was unharmed.

If convicted, the suspect faces 16 years in prison.

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