OJAI, CA (October 13, 2022) – Late in the afternoon on Wednesday near Ojai, a crash in the Los Padres National Forest killed a person and injured two other people. The October 12 crash occurred on Highway 33, close to where Rose Valley Road is located.

The time was roughly a little after 4:00 p.m., the California Highway Patrol said.

No details have been reported on how the crash happened, and the vehicle has not been described.

Responders found the vehicle had rolled over and was lying in a ditch.

They pronounced one person deceased at the crash site.

The identity of the person, including name, age, gender, and city of residence, has not been reported.

Responders transported two patients to the hospital. The injuries the people suffered were described as critical.

Their current conditions are not known, and they have not been identified in reports.

Investigators are working to understand the crash, and the circumstances surrounding it, and for that effort they are collecting details and information.

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