Costa Mesa is described as an incubator for Driving Under the Influence.

There are many bars there and drunk drivers from beach towns often try to enter the freeway.

A DUI police team that has been operating for over 20 years is being disbanded.

Nearly 800 people were arrested in 2013 for drunk driving by the DUI team. The team disbanded in January.

Arrests have fallen off severely.

Two hundred ninety-six people were arrested for drunk driving in the first nine months of 2014

A two man rotating team worked 40 hours/week, Wednesday-Saturday.

Costa Mesa traffic division has been nearly cut in half.

Police are continually submitting grant applications to increase the number of police in the traffic division.

A $169,690 grant has been received for this purpose.

One to two officers will patrol needed area once/week.

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Source: Daily Pilotdrunk driving