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After going through a traumatic personal injury or car accident, you worry about costs and call your insurance. The insurance company agent try to persuade you to accept a check that allegedly pays for all the damages you may have suffered. According to them, this check covers your expenses: medical bills, property damage, and loss of work, mental anguish, stress, and pain, among others. Unfortunately, your insurance company might not be forthright with you at all times. Thus, when these things happen, your best bet would still be to consult with our Corona personal injury lawyers.

Your attorney will make sure that you get the best settlement deal possible to help restore your life back to normal. Our Corona car accident lawyer insists on the importance of recording all types of damages that you have suffered from the accident. Recording these is vital to support your injury case. Here are some things to keep in mind when keeping track of your damages:

Detailed Records

Your record should be as accurate and as detailed as possible. As they say, the devil is in the details. Your claim will be more credible if you remember to do this.

Recording Economic Damages

With the guidance of your Corona personal injury lawyer, record all your economic damages. These include those that you have paid, will be paying, and those that you stand to lose because of the accident. Examples of economic damages: lost salaries, medical bills, payment for things that you are unable make due to the accident, and any loss or damage to your properties.

Recording Non-economic Damages

Your Corona car accident lawyer might tell you to record your non-economic damages as well or those damages that are not capable of monetary valuation. These include stress, emotional anguish, sleepless nights, and humiliation brought about by the accident.

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Best of all, you only have to pay for our services if we are able to recover compensation for you. This is in line with our “If we don’t win, you don’t pay” philosophy. So you do not have to worry about incurring further damages when you consult with us.

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