John Pickens, a Cisco Systems engineer ended his long career after he suffered a fatal blow from a Fremont bicycle accident on Saturday. Authorities believe that he died from a head injury, despite wearing a helmet. Family and colleagues alike are mourning for the loss of Pickens.

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Damaged helmet. Result after a 50 km/t (30 mph) car impact with bicycle. Helmet cracked six places: In the back two large cracks, four small cracks different places.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Melina Pickens, wife of John did not imagine that her 66-year-old husband’s decision to leave three hours later than planned would be his last.

John left his Newark home at about 11 a.m. because of the frosty Fremont weather. And like always, he wore a helmet.

According to Mercury News online, John did not make it home. Attempts to get information from California Highway Patrol Officer Steve Creel did provide immediate results. Melinda said that officers alleged John pulled off from the roadway to allow a truck to pass prior to the crash. When John resumed laying his bicycle on the road, gravel caused him to lose control and he was thrown from the bicycle. His head then fatally struck a boulder and was declared dead on the scene.

John was an experienced rider. He had planned to go on an 8 a.m. ride with a group of friends on Saturday. Weather being in the low forties caused him to change his mind and he decided to ride on his own later on the day when the outdoors warmed up a bit more.

Upon hearing the news, his wife Melinda said, “I keep thinking he is just on a trip and that he’ll be back.”

“I’m pretty much in shock.”

John’s family will remember him as the quiet, family-loving man who as a teen moved to the Bay Area in the 1960s. He attended college at UC Santa Barbara. Then in 1970, he married Melinda and moved to Newark six years later. He left behind three children and four grandchildren.

“He is intelligent, precise, hardworking and great to work on a team,” David Yates a Cisco stated. John had accomplished about forty-five years in the computer industry. He had contributed to the Internet precursor, ARPANET. While at Cisco Systems, he was most recently awarded “distinguished engineer.”

According to John’s wife, his organs have been donated.

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