The busy and oft overcrowded ramp from the 405 to the 605 freeways has been closed for repairs, creating fears of horrendous traffic through the Los Angeles area.

The ramp, which connects the southbound lanes of the two freeways, is set for closure at 10 p.m. Monday night, and will be out of service for the next two weeks, according to the Orange County Transportation Authority.

The focus of the construction will be to add a carpool lane connector between the two freeways, along with additional lanes to the southbound 405.

Long Beach city officials are hopeful that the carpool ramp and lane increase will bring an ease of the congestion through the area, as an average of 54,000 vehicles make their way onto the ramp every day.

The closure is resurrecting fears from the so-called “carmeggeddon” that developed last year when an entire portion of the 405 freeway was closed down at Mulholland Drive last year, though a massive spike in traffic was near fully seen in the surrounding areas.

Because the fear of insurmountable traffic was so overly hyped, many drivers in the area refused to use their cars, leading to almost empty freeways, even at peak driving hours. Locals in the area of this freeway closure are hopeful that such a phenomena will happen again.

Local authorities have offered a number of alternative routes for commuters needing to reach the 605 South, including the following:

-Katella Ave. exit; right on Los Alamitos Blvd./Seal Beach Blvd. toward southbound 405
-Willow Street exit; left on Studebaker Road; left on 7th Street toward southbound 405
-Spring Street exit; left on Woodruff Ave. toward southbound 605

If you find yourself needing to drive through the area, take extra care to stay safe. An increase in traffic density will increase the risk of an accident, and the risk of a serious injury or fatality.

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