A police chase with a stolen vehicle starting in Rialto ended after a rollover accident, injuring all five suspects inside the vehicles Thursday morning in San Bernardino.

According to the Rialto Police Department, the chase began just before 9:30 a.m. with an investigation of a suspicious vehicle on the 1800 block of North Marcella Avenue, which turned into an active pursuit upon discovering that the vehicle had been stolen.

The chase took police all the way into San Bernardino, where the stolen vehicle then crashed at Eucalyptus Avenue and Oregon Street, causing the vehicle to roll. A parked car and a light pole were struck in the accident.

Three of the passengers inside the car were ejected during the crash, while the other two remained trapped inside, needing to be pulling from the wreckage. After each of the vehicle’s occupants was clear from the vehicle, it then caught on fire.

All five suspects were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of injuries of varying degrees, though none appeared to be life-threatening. Their names have not yet been released.

The accident forced the temporary closure of the intersection as San Bernardino firefighters put out the vehicle fire and police looked into the crash itself. Thankfully no one outside of the stolen vehicle was hurt throughout the ordeal.

Once the five suspects are mended, they will surely face heavy penalties both for operating a stolen vehicle and leading police on such a lengthy chase. These suspects are fortunate that their reckless driving did not seriously or fatally harm others in their path as they attempted to flee from police.

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