A car accident survivor who had a brush with death will celebrate his luck on Valentine’s Day by getting married with his significant other. He suffered memory loss and is betting that this will be a date he and his sweetheart will never forget.

St. Valentine's Day
St. Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Valentine’s Day is recognized as the universal day of love and is celebrated by multitudes of amorous couples worldwide. Ross Gemmell, a 27-year-old and a former landscape gardener is planning to use the day to his advantage. He is planning on tying the knot with his sweetheart Louise Brown.

Gemmell is lucky to see this day. He was involved in a serious wreck the morning of July of 2011, per the Paisley Daily Express. He lost control of his vehicle while he was travelling on a Paisley road and it wrecked into some trees. The crash wrecked his Hyundai coupe and paramedics had to extricate him by cutting him out of the vehicle. He was then rushed to a local hospital where he spent close to a month recuperating from his injuries.

Gemmell was a front seat passenger in the Hyundai travelling on Grahamston Road, on the outskirts of Paisley. En route it collided with a delivery van and then smashed into some trees. He told the publication, “The car smashed into the van and then ploughed into trees.”

Authorities reportedly stated that Gemmell suffered brain injuries and had to be airlifted to the Southern General Hospital, in Glasgow. “I was in hospital for weeks and still have problems, including short-term memory loss.”

Martin McEwan, the driver of the Hyundai and John Fairley, the driver of the van were also transported to Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital for treatment.

Now he is ready to leave the past behind and concentrate on the future.

“I picked St Valentine’s Day for the wedding because Louise is terrible with dates and I knew she wouldn’t forget this one,” Gemmell told the news publication.

“We have been together for two years but have actually known each other since we were 15. We had been living separate lives but kept bumping into each other. Then we met up again through Facebook after being in different relationships and now we’re getting married. It’s great.”

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