Fatal Car Accident Involving Bear Kills 3 and Injures 8

A rare car accident involving a black bear and a chain reaction left three people dead and eight injured in Florida, authorities said.

A woman in an SUV hit the 300-pound black bear in a dark, remote road Sunday night, leaving her stranded at Big Cypress Seminole Reservation in the Everglades.

A group of three people in a separate car pulled over to help, said Gary Bitner, a spokesman for the Seminole Police Department.

Once they got out of their vehicle, a third car plowed into the disabled SUV then hit the three good Samaritans, authorities said.

Car accident bear
Stock Photograph. This photograph only depicts the car accident with the bear.

All three died, Bitner said.

The three cars had a total of 13 passengers; eight were injured and an additional two were not hurt, including the woman in the SUV.

“I have never heard of a case of a bear being in a traffic accident,” Bitner said. “We have had cases of Florida panthers being involved in car accident, but not a Florida black bear.”

The identities of the victims involved in the car accident were not immediately released.

The bear died when it was struck by the SUV.

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Source: CNN.com