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Distracted driving is defined as anything that takes a driver’s eyes or attention off
the road. With the advent of cell phones, it has become more common and nearly as
likely as drunk driving to cause an accident. CA distracted driving law is among the
most well-developed in the country. Here is what you need to know before you get
behind the wheel in California.

Distracted Driving Facts

There are a number of statistics that show how dangerous distracted driving can be.
In 2016, more than half of the drivers polled in California said that they had been hit
or nearly hit by a driver who was texting or otherwise distracted by the phone.
Distracted driving is especially concerning among young people. It’s been estimated
that 10 percent of fatal crashes that involved drivers under the age of 20 could be
attributed to distracted driving.

The Law in California

In 2017, California passed a new distracted driving law. This law bans all handheld
cell phone usage while behind the wheel for all drivers. Drivers over 18 are still
allowed to use hands free technology while driving, but all cellphone usage is
banned for drivers under 18 and school bus drivers.

Distracted Driving Consequences

Consequences for getting caught using the phone while driving mostly take the form
of an escalating series of fines. First infractions usually result in a flat $20 fine, while
subsequent infractions are $50 or more. However, once assessments and other fees
are added, the total cost of a ticked can come to much more. Using a cellphone is z
zero point infraction, which means it does not result in license restriction or loss.

Avoid distracted driving accidents by turning your phone off when you’re behind the
wheel as well as avoiding other distractions. You’ll feel safer and more in control if
you do.

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