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An uninvolved driver was killed when a stolen truck being pursued by police smashed into his vehicle Sunday afternoon in Pomona.

The ordeal began when a suspect stole a Ford F350 truck in Rancho Cucamonga at around 4 a.m. Sunday morning. After a brief hunt for the vehicle, it was spotted by police in the area of Arrow Highway in Claremont that afternoon, prompting a chase, as the driver refused to yield to officers.

The pursuit was short-lived, however. The chase lasted all of one minute as the driver ran through a red light in Pomona and crashed into a car passing through the intersection of La Verne and Towne Avenue.

The stolen vehicle then continued through to the end of the intersection where it smashed into a tree and came to a stop. From there, the suspect made an attempt to flee from the scene on foot, but he was quickly apprehended.

Upon being arrested, he was taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle he hit did not fare as well. The unidentified individual was pronounced dead at the scene. More information about the driver will be released once an investigation is completed and the coroner’s office locates and informs his or her next of kin.

The vehicle thief will now ace charges that may include evading police, hit and run, and manslaughter as well, pending the results of a thorough investigation into the accident.

In a statement from the local law enforcement, The Claremont Police, “will be handling the criminal investigation and Pomona Police Department’s Major Accident Investigation Team will be handling the traffic collision portion of the investigation.”

Anyone with information pertaining to the ordeal is being encouraged to call Claremont police at any time to assist with the investigation.

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