A transit bus with a faulty brake system drove off a bridge and crashed onto the 110 Freeway below early Friday morning in downtown Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the wayward Montebello transit bus was traveling down 6th Street when it crashed through a barrier along the edge of 6th Street and came crashing down onto the northbound lanes of the 110 at the 3rd Street off-ramp.

Thankfully there were no passengers aboard the bus at the time of the accident, and the driver was able to jump out of the vehicle before it fell. It is being reported that the brake system on the bus failed, and upon realizing this, the driver bailed.

No other vehicles were hit by the falling bus, and no injuries appear to have resulted from the accident, which is currently under investigation.

The accident forced the closure of the 6th Street Bridge, along with the 3rd Street onramp as a heavy tow truck was called to the scene. The large vehicle was eventually able to drag the bus, which had landed on its side, from the road, allowing for the reopening of all lanes.

LAPD will conduct a thorough inspection of the bus to try to uncover what caused the bus to lose braking and also what may have influenced the crash over the side of the bridge. The bus driver will also be questioned to get a better understanding of the circumstances of the accident.

It is incredibly fortunate that no passengers were on board the bus at the time of the accident as such a crash would have had the potential to do serious damage to everyone inside.

It is perhaps even more fortunate that no vehicles from the northbound 110 were struck, as a falling bus would surely do massive damage to a much smaller automobile.

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