Brooke Burke-Charvet is safe and well despite her latest celebrity car crash. She drove her Maserati through a chain link fence in Calabasas – but not on purpose.

A California Highway Patrol report stated that Burke-Charvet blamed the crash on faulty steering. She was not injured in the Wednesday morning crash. And her vehicle sustained moderate front damage.

Burke-Charvet sent the following tweets following her car crash:

“Rough morning. Accident on my way 2 work. Tons of cops & of course photogs, TMZ will have fun with this on…Yes I was sober.”

“I’m totally fine tweeties. What an exaggeration TMZ. Hilarious headlines, boy-what-you-guys-will-do. Just an accident. No biggie”

“Of course officers had me do a sobriety test. Thx CHP for taking care of all of us, too bad the photogs blow it out of proportion.”

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