Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins was released from the hospital Thursday after an overnight stay.  He was treated for personal injuries, which were a result of a bicycle accident that happened Wednesday evening.

English: Bradley Wiggins in Stamfordham after ...
Bradley Wiggins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While training with the Team Sky, Wiggins was knocked off his bike in Northern England and suffered a bruised hand and bruised ribs. Fortunately, the team claims that no long-lasting problems are expected.

Team Sky’s Dr. Richard has been quoted saying “Bradley has been discharged from hospital after suffering minor injuries, including bruises to his right hand and ribs, but is expected to make a full and speedy recovery,” according to CNN.

“He is now going to spend the weekend at home convalescing with his family,” Dr. Freeman said.

According to Lancashire police, the 32-year-old champ that is known for his long sideburns and 1960’s style was involved in a collision near a Wrightington gas station with a vehicle while riding his bike.

A Vauxhall Astra van was pulling out of a service station when it hit Wiggins. He was ejected off his saddle and fell on the road. A local woman, the driver of the van, was uninjured and is cooperating with authorities during the investigation.

In a similar note, Shane Sutton the head coach for the GB cycling team was hospitalized on Thursday, the day of Wiggins’ hospital release.

Sources state that Sutton, the 55-year-old Australian coach sustained serious injuries, despite wearing a helmet.  A spokeswoman for British Cycling told The Sun UK that the “British Cycling has confirmed that Shane Sutton, head coach for the GB Cycling Team, was involved in an incident this morning on the A6 near Levenshulme in Manchester.”

“Shane was taken into hospital where it was identified he has suffered bruising and bleeding on the brain.

“Shane was wearing a helmet. He is set to undergo more tests, and is likely to stay in hospital for the next few days.”

Experts claim that it is extremely rare that professional bike riders and coaches are injured while cycling out on the road as a team. Furthermore, it is beyond rare when more than one of such incidents happens during the same approximate time span.

Our law firm, along with fans across the board, wish that both accident victims have speedy recoveries so that they can get back on the saddle once again. And if they are looking for a bike accident lawyer, they should contact us today, as should you.