Police are still searching for a hit and run driver who struck and killed a probation officer riding a motorcycle early Monday morning in Boyle Heights.

According to Detective Michael Caden of the Los Angeles Police Department, the fatal crash occurred at approximately 6 a.m. at the intersection of Soto Street and Lancaster Avenue, where a silver Honda Civic DX changed lanes into the motorcycle of 54 year old Kenneth Hamilton, who was returning home from Eastlake Juvenile Hall, where he is a corrections officer for troubled youth. “The accident caused the motorcyclist to then collide with the curb, at which time he was ejected and collided with the upright of a tri-light traffic signal,” said Caden.

Hamilton was pronounced dead at the scene by responding paramedics, as the traffic pole he collided with collapsed on top of him.

Some of Hamilton’s coworkers also returning home from work witnessed the aftermath of the accident. “[He was] outgoing, willing to assist whenever asked, always said ‘hi,’ always just a real friendly guy,” said Greg McCovey, Hamilton’s supervisor.

Alongside his work as a probation officer, Hamilton also spent the last 17 years as an assistance baseball coach at Santiago High School in Corona. Head coach Ty DeTrinidad, who coached alongside Hamilton for 14 years, said of his assistant that he was a “Consummate professional, consummate friend, good to the community. Just someone you’d look at and say, ‘I’d like to model myself after that person.’”

Police investigators at the crash site were able to find the sheared off passenger side mirror of the vehicle that struck Hamilton, allowing them to identify the make and model. Anyone with information about the vehicle or the driver behind the wheel is being encouraged to contact the LAPD as soon as possible to assist in the search. Shannon Hamilton, Kenneth’s daughter, also released a message to the hit and run driver saying, “You got to do the right thing just like my dad would do. You got to face the consequences for your actions.”

A memorial has also been scheduled for Saturday on Santiago High’s baseball field. “He wanted to make sure the boys here on the baseball team, he wanted to make sure that they stayed out of trouble, and that they succeeded, and that they did everything they can to be the best people that they can be,” Shannon added. “Not even just at baseball, but in life.”

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