Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, Santa Clara

A 25-year-old woman died alongside of Highway 101 near Great America Parkway Wednesday night at around 9 p.m. A BMW struck and killed her while she walked through traffic. Bystanders moved her from the roadway and attempted to revive her but she died from her injuries.

California Highway Patrol received a report at approximately 8:38 p.m. of a person stumbling on the roadway. It stated that the woman was walking into the traffic lanes. But not long after the report came in, another one related to the same woman reached CHP.

A 31-year-old Redwood City woman driving a BMW struck the pedestrian who was walking through traffic. The Redwood City woman pulled over, called 911, and remained on the scene. When authorities arrived, she cooperated with their investigation.

Motorist who saw the accident happen stopped their vehicles to help move the unconscious woman. According to the CHP report, on impact with the vehicle the pedestrian landed on the far right traffic lane. Onlookers tried to revive her but failed. When emergency services arrived, they too attempted to revive the woman but it was to no success.

CHP has some recommendations for motorists who encounter an accident on a road with speeding vehicles. They suggest that they stay in their vehicle and call for help. This is due to the latest events when motorists with good intentions got out of their vehicle to help someone hurt in a collision. Instead, they died as well and caused a separate collision.

A CHP officer told reporters, if the pedestrian was in the lane for a few more minutes, there could have been another accident.

This pedestrian accident in Santa Clara remains under investigation. Officials want to determine the pedestrian’s reasons for walking on the road against the flow of traffic. They have no inclination to believe that the woman was driving anywhere in the vicinity either.

Please, if you have further information about this accident, do not hesitate to contact San Jose CHP.

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