A several vehicle accident that injured at least three people caused a big rig to overturn and spill its payload of hot asphalt onto the 710 Freeway Monday night in Bell Gardens.

According to accident reports and the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the crash took place just after 8:30 p.m. in the northbound lanes of the freeway just north of Firestone Boulevard, where a big rig and several cars collided with each other, causing the large truck to overturn and catch fire, spilling its contents onto the road.

At least three involved in the crash suffered injuries, though all were minor. All were taken to nearby area hospitals where they are expected to make a quick recovery. Fire crews were called to the scene to quickly put out the flames, which did not cause substantial damage or spread to any other vehicles.

The accidents forced the closure of all northbound lanes of the 710 Freeway as crews painstakingly worked to clear the hot asphalt and several damaged vehicles, including a massive, overturned and on fire big rig, from the highway. By 6 a.m., almost 11 hours after the accident, the two left lanes were finally reopened, though it is unclear when the highway will fully reopen.

The closure caused a significant backup throughout the area, prompting the use of detour routes through the 105 West to the 110 North, or through Atlantic Avenue to make it through the area during morning commute hours. The backup created by the accident is expected to affect traffic throughout much of the day as the last of the asphalt is cleared away.

At this time it is unclear what initially caused the multivehicle accident. Local police were also on scene to comb over the accident sight and speak with witnesses and those involved to try to uncover the circumstances that led to the crash.

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