John Mello, 57, was hit and killed by a Nisson Titan that veered off the road into the bicycle lane on Highway 101.Fatal Bike Accident Orange County Lawyer

His brother, Joe Miller, 56, recently built a steel cross to commemorate John’s death and attached John’s bicycle to it. He painted it white as a ghost bike sometimes placed at the site of a cycling death.

The cross was taken to the site of the accident.

Joe said that John was riding in a safe and legal manner. He expressed the wish that drivers would be more conscientious.

Two grown children and four grandchildren mourn John who was known to be quiet and serious.

The two brothers have been cycling since 2002. If John had finished his ride it would have been 90 miles.

Joe has not given up riding because he says he enjoys it.

Joe says he just wanted to make a statement with the cross.

He would like to add a plaque to it if the cross is not removed.

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Source: The North Coast Journal