A bicyclist was killed after being struck twice in a multistage accident, with one being a hit and run, Wednesday morning in Fullerton.

The crash took place at about 10:20 a.m. near the intersection of Bastanchury Road and Morelia Avenue, according to the accident report.

Witnesses say that the victim, described as a male in his 20’s, was coming out of a dirt biking trail and making his way through the intersection when he was hit by a small black car.

The force of the collision knocked the victim off of his BMX-style bicycle, at which time he was hit in a second accident with a silver Volkswagen Jetta.

The first vehicle immediately fled the scene after the collision. Police are reporting that the driver made no attempt at all to stop or slow down.

Thankfully, the driver in the Jetta remained on the scene to try to help the downed bicyclist and cooperate with responding police officers.

The injured rider was quickly taken to a nearby hospital by responding paramedics, but he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. His identity has not yet been released by Fullerton police, as they are still working to notify his next of kin.

Police are still hot on the trail of the driver who first struck the bicyclist. His vehicle, a small, subcompact car is likely to feature heavy front end damage. Anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest or closure for the accident is being encouraged to notify the Fullerton Police Department.

Bicycles are small and easy to miss while behind the wheel. It is always important to keep a keen eye out for bikes when you are in and around crossroads and intersections, as a seemingly low speed accident can quickly turn fatal.

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