A 15 year old boy was injured as a result of a bicycle accident. He suffered head injuries, internal injuries, and a broken arm. The authorities state that the accident could have been fatal. The speed of the car is under investigation.

In another accident, a 13 year old Beyer High School student was hit on October 14, 2014. The boy was crossing Briggsmore Ave at Lakewood Ave.

These are two accidents that happened recently in Modesto.

In an additional accident, a pedestrian was hit. She was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Authorities say there have been several accidents with pedestrians or bicyclists this year.

In April a 12 year old was critically injured.

In May, a 10 year old was hit by a car and suffered major injuries.

In May another child cyclist was hit by a car.

In June, a 48 year old man on a bicycle was hit by a car and died.

Authorities say that 17 accidents occurred in 2011 involving pedestrians or cyclists.

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