The manager of Toyota Technical Center, Rob McConnell, is inspired fashion designing.

He told Black journalists at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that he watches ‘Project Runway’.

He compared fashion designers to engineers.

He indicated that he views drawing inspiration and ideas from unusual places as a distinctive feature in his approach to engineering automobiles.

McConnell suggested that he found the fashion industry exciting and that he found his style of automotive design is drawn from that excitement.

A senior design engineer at Toyota, Mr. McConnell and his team convert concept cars to on- the- road realities. Mr. McConnell was integrally involved in the design of the Avalon.

McConnell was passionate about cars as a child.

He views child’s play with automotive toys a portent that they too will develop a desire to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

McConnell had his hands in the design and engineering of many cars at Toyota.

He is involved with exterior lighting now for the Camry and Avalon.

He compares fashion eye ware to the design of headlights.

He appears to be devoted to creating a distinctive look for Toyota.

As eyes tell a story he likes to think the customer’s look into the soul of the vehicle as they look into the headlights of the vehicle.

Mcconnell is encouraging young people to look at automotive design, development, and engineering as a career. He seems to think this direction can sharpen their minds, steer them into a productive career and guide them toward a prosperous future.

Pursuing the field at a young age, he continues, can open youths’ minds to this opportunity or may expand into another field.

In any event, it can be, he indicates, a positive career thrust for any young person.

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