At least nine big rigs were involved in a major chain reaction crash injuring at least one driver early Tuesday morning in the Newhall Pass.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident took place at around 3 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway at the Highway 14 transition truck route, where rains had made the road extremely slippery.

One big rig driver was left pinned inside his truck as a result of its collapsed dashboard. Emergency rescue crews were eventually able to extricate him from the accident, get him onto a gurney and transport him to a nearby hospital, where he is currently listed in stable condition. At this time it appears that none of the other drivers involved suffered noticeable injuries.

Amongst the debris of the accident, more than 400 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled out onto the highway. Caltrans workers were called to the scene to spread sand across the road to keep the spill from spreading further.

Large tow trucks and other heavy machinery were also called out to the scene to begin the arduous process of clearing the mass of broken big rigs from the highway. Naturally, all truck bypass lanes were shutdown to allow for the cleanup of the accident site, and are expected to remain so well into the afternoon.

All main lines of the freeway will remain open, though commuters through the area are expected to experience major delays throughout the day.

Considering some of the cargo being hauled by the trucks involved in the crash, it is fortunate that a more extreme incident did not result. “I am very, very lucky because I have butane,” said Francisco Munez, one of the drivers. “Fortunately the tank doesn’t have any leak… I was scared because there was some smoke in the motor.”

Another driver piloting a FedEx truck commented that the road was very slippery, and that the accident happened quickly. His airbag deployed in the crash through he was unhurt.

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