Kris Allen, winner of the popular television show American Idol, was in a head-on collision on New Year’s Day that injured his dog, him and his pregnant wife. Most of the details reported online state that Kris was seriously injured but will be fine and so should his wife and their expecting child.

Kris Allen, finalist on American Idol, in Conw...
Kris Allen, finalist on American Idol, in Conway, Arkansas on May 8, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zorro the dog, Katy (wife) and Kris were all in the same vehicle when they allegedly collided with another vehicle head-on. The impact of the crash was strong enough to not only shake all of the passengers up but to break Kris’s arm as well. Katy suffered minor injuries but she is still expecting a child – something the public was not privy to until after the crash. Physically, Zorro is fine, but was a bit shook by the incident too.

News about the incident reached Twitter on Tuesday when Kris released a Tweet stating “Yes I got in a really bad wreck tonight and yes I’m having a lil baby. #gonnabeadaddy.” Kris who was the champion for season eight of American Idol released this news for the first time. His mother Kimberly stated that Kris is in a lot of pain and may not play guitar for some time.

The idol champ did not state how the crash impacted Katy’s pregnancy or what stage she may be in before expecting to give birth. The singer was optimistic about the car accident however and added via Twitter “Thank you @Ford for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family safe @katyallen @ZorroPup and the little one we have on the way safe.”

Kimberly followed up with a photo of Kris at the emergency room after being transported by the medics. The idol winner is wide eyed, a bit bruised and holding his arm while in a neck and arm brace. His facial expression was perhaps aimed at the camera, regardless he is probably in a lot of pain. Along with the picture was the following text “he’s in a lot of pain, arm broke, may not play guitar for a while. Prayers welcome please!”

She added, “Kristopher and Katy are both pretty beat up but ALIVE!” She also said that the couple’s dog is fine: “Zorro is fine too! Very shook up, but not injured.”

This incident happened around the same week a paparazzo was killed in car accident after attempting to snap a few photographs of Justin Bieber’s white sports car.

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