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Authorities are searching for a second driver that was possibly involved in a South Los Angeles street race that killed a man on Sunday.

At around 9 p.m. a 55-year-old man was struck by a Honda near Compton Avenue and 56th Street. Detectives are unsure if the person struck was crossing the street at the time of the accident. However, they were able to verify that the man was on the roadway when he was hit.

Detectives said that the driver of the Honda was heading southbound on Compton Avenue at speeds of upwards 70 miles per hour and for an unknown reason lost control of the car then struck the pedestrian.

Skid marks were left on the scene as evidence that the driver made and effort to stop the vehicle from hitting the 50-year-old. Along the rubber tire marks were several other crashed vehicles and a toppled streetlight that showed where the car came to a stop.

On the road lay the lifeless body of a man surrounded by automobile debris and parts of a destroyed light pole.

Emergency respondents rushed on the scene to help the victim of the car accident and the driver of the Honda.

Per reports, Compton Avenue is infamous for street racing. Detectives investigating the site stated where they believe the driver might have been participating in a street race with one other vehicle. Further information about the man that lost control of his vehicle has not been available. Information such as the drivers mental state, his condition post the accident, or if there were any passengers in the vehicle at the time of the collision.

If anyone witnessed the scene, detectives are asking them to step forward and aid them with the investigation. So far, authorities do not have a description of the second vehicle, its driver or passengers.

In certain other Southern California cities street racing is also a problem. Last week a 4-year-old girl, aninnocent bystander, was killed as a result of a street race involving two vehicles. Similarly, one of the vehicles remained on the scene but the other fled. Authorities there stated that the person from the fleeing vehicle engaged in racing can be found equally as culpable as the one that crashed.

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