Aisiana Airlines acknowledged their slow approach to San Francisco International airport but stated that the jet’s manufacturer also contributed to the fatal accident leading to the deaths of three people.

Aisiana stated that the Boeing 777 had design flaws.

The Boeing Company countered the claim saying the pilots were to blame. The accident occurred July 6.

The flight ran into a seawall which tore off the back of the plane.

Aisiana acknowledged that the pilots failed to monitor air speed appropriately for the plane’s landing. They said, though, that equipment failure played a role in the plane’s malfunction.

The exact cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

One of the crew members was still a trainee. He said he felt he did not have the authority to immediately initiate emergency procedures.

Boeing stated that they felt the flight crew was at fault for the accident.airplanesIf you need an accident attorney call at 800-260-2577

Source: San Francisco Examiner