Actress Amanda Bynes is pleading not guilty to misdemeanor hit and run charges for two separate incidents that took place earlier this year in Los Angeles.

The plea was officially entered in court by her attorney, and covers two separate accidents that took place on April 10th and August 4th of this year.

In the August incident, Bynes allegedly rear-ended a Toyota sedan and drove away before police could be notified of the accident. She reportedly stayed on the scene only long enough to declare that the vehicle she hit had suffered no noticeable damage before driving off.

Bynes reportedly told police investigators that she and the woman who was driving the car had mutually agreed that no significant damage was inflicted in the accident.

However, it was determined that a total of $800 in damage had been inflicted on the vehicle. She also failed to exchange her insurance information with the other driver, which is required by law.

The earlier accident took place just days after the actress was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after clipping the side of a sheriff’s police car. She had pleaded not guilty in that case as well.

Bynes is set to return to the courtroom on October 19th, where a judge will respond to her pleas and make a ruling on the case.

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