7-year-old Mia Chapman was killed in an accident at the 10200 block of Freeman Avenue in Santa Fee Springs on Sunday night. She and her father, Jay Chapman, were attending a car-hopping show with their car club Strictly Ridin’ in a warehouse owned by CBM Hydros, known as KoolAid Hydraulics. The throttle in a car malfunctioned; the car knocked over a pallet of water bottles, which crushed Mia. She died at the scene.

At car-hopping shows, vehicles have hydraulics systems installed that make the car jump up and down several feet in the air. At approximately 7:30 pm, one of the cars was being put into a trailer when its throttle malfunctioned and it knocked over a 12-foot stack of pallets weighing 500 pounds. Mia was hit by the pallets and passed away at the scene. Officer Diance Liberti of the Whittier Police Department said, “The operator lost control of the vehicle, striking a 7-year-old female, resulting in her death.”

The police are treating the case as an accident; no one has been arrested. Andre Pierson, of the National Low-rider Association, described the situation as a “freak accident” and made it clear that the vehicle was not performing with the hydraulics on when the accident occurred.

On Monday, friends and family said prayers for Mia. Additionally, people on Inglewood Street and car clubs on La Brea Avenue asked drivers and people in the area for donations for Mia’s family. The owner of Low Life Hydraulics in Inglewood said, “We’re here to help him [Jay], the family, the mother – you know, whatever low riders can do for him, we’re here. We’re family, that’s what it is. Low-riding is family.”

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